FAQ - Timeless Vapes
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You have questions. We have answers.

What do I do if my battery stopped working?

The first thing you should try is to clean the “contact” or the connection point where the cartridge meets the battery. We recommend using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

If that doesn’t work, please return the battery to wherever it was purchased. If it was purchased at a dispensary, please contact them directly. If you purchased it through the Timeless website, please contact us directly.

How often should I charge my battery?

It depends on how often you use your Timeless Vape.  Try not to let the battery run all the way down to a zero charge. As soon as it starts blinking, we recommend charging your Timeless Vapes battery as soon as possible.

Can I use a Timeless Vapes cartridge with another battery?

We do not recommend using other batteries besides a Timeless Vapes battery with our Timeless Vapes cartridges.  Our batteries are specially designed to function at the optimal temperature for our Timeless Vape cartridges. Other batteries may be too high voltage for the Timeless Vape cartridge and may cause it burn out.  

If you choose to use your Timeless Vapes cartridge with another battery, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to replace it if damaged.

Can I suggest a flavor?

While we cannot promise that we are able to create every flavor that is suggested to us, feel free to send us your ideas here!

Does the 1000 mg cartridge have a case?

We currently only make the Timeless Flip Case for the half gram (500 mg) cartridges.  The prototype for the full gram cartridge was simply too bulky.

Where is Timeless Vapes located?

Our headquarters is in Arizona. You can currently find our products through out Arizona and California. We currently only wholesale to licensed dispensaries in AZ and CA.  

What is a distillate?

A cannabis oil distillate is one of the cleanest and most potent concentrates available on the market.

Do you ship filled cartridges?

No, we only sell accessories and clothing online. To purchase filled cartridges please see the map of locations that carry them.

Do you have an event's calendar of what specials are going on?

We currently do not. You can check our Facebook page for vendor days and events we will be attending, or sign up for our Newsletter to stay in the loop on all things Timeless.

What states can you purchase Timeless in?

We ship accessories and clothing anywhere in the U.S. but for other Timeless products you’ll have to visit CA or AZ.